Diane Mumm Garden Videos

Sharing My Passion For Growing In the Garden

Diane Mumm Garden Videos

Vegetable & Herb Gardening Videos



You Can View these videos by the links below or the playlist here (left hand corner of video ) click to drop down menu options. All the updated videos will be here in the playlist but may not be added on this page..


How to Grow Sweet Potatoes Plants in Large Tubs or Containers

Surprise Harvest When Harvesting Sweet Potatoes in Containers

How to Grow Herbs Indoors

Harvesting Lettuce and Kale Indoors- Yippee!

Transplanting Herbs and Peppers Indoors

2nd Lettuce & Kale Harvest Indoors plus Pepper Plants

How to -Harvesting Herbs Indoors for Cooking Use

How to Grow – Planting Pepper Seeds Indoors

Planting Flowers- Weedy Vegetable Garden -Mulching and My Black Lab

July Vegetable Garden Update, Let’s Check Out The Garden Plus Fun With My Cats

How to Grow Herbs from Seed Indoors Plus Those Dreaded Fungus Gnats

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