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Diane Mumm Garden Videos

Buy Plants Online

Buy Plants Online Now May – Sept

During the months of May thru Sept of every year Picket Fence Greenhouse will be selling plants online .

Now have my online store , and will be adding plant products everyday so keep checking back..

By offering online I can increase my sales and this helps the business in a big way.

Plants that are offered are what is left from the season , don’t worry I will have plenty of nice plant selection left to sell online.

I do sell locally first, as this is my main outlet for my business.

I love also offering via to all of United States. I know there is gardeners out there that can not find a certain plant at their local nursery , this is where hopefully I can fullfill your plant needs.

Shipping on my website is just a estimate, I always refund shipping back if over the amount for me to ship.

Thank you for all your interest.

Here is some plant testimonials I want to please everyone, but once in awhile someone is not happy.. such is life I guess..

Ebay Feedback

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Happy Gardening,

Diane Mumm

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